Music is the best fun start for your child's early education!


 What people have said about KidsRocK...

 'We have really enjoyed all the sessions this term.  It is fantastic for M____  to practise her listening skills and she loves learning new songs.'

 'Chris holds the children's attention well, not easy with babies.  Both staff and  children enjoy the sessions.  Some children find the sessions calming.'
 Bolton School Nursery - Sarah (staff early years practitioner)

 'Children are captivated throughout the session.' - Little Acorns Pre School

 'Lily really looks forward to coming to KidsRocK.  She sings the songs at home  especially 'what's in the box'. We both look forward to our Thursday sing  song. Thankyou.'

 'We both love KidsRocK.  It is great stimulation for my little boy, helps with  co-ordination and is lots of fun.  Chris has a lovely rapport with the children.    Brilliant!'

 'KidsRocK is fantastic!  Great stimulation and fun for the children and every  session is different which makes it exciting.'

 'KidsRock is a fun, informative session for the children and they love to come.'

 'Thankyou!  Absolutely brilliant!  Dominic thoroughly enjoys himself every week  and the classes have taught him to be quite tuneful!  Well done Chris!'

 'My son and I love KidsRocK.  It goes to quickly, I could stay for 2 hours!    Been for about 10 weeks and it's always different songs and equipment.    Thanks.'

 'Absolutely fabulous.  Chris and Fi are great with the children and mums alike.   We will be singing all the way home!  Thankyou.'

 'We love KidsRocK!  She learns so much and has great fun.  We can't live  without it and never miss a week!'

 'My granddaughter and I have been coming now for a few weeks  As my  granddaughter is only 1 year, I find it helps her to interact with other children  with singing and dancing.  Thankyou.'

 'I think this class is fantastic.  Daniel loves it.  It has taught him to mix with  other children.'

 'Lily-may and I love to come to KidsRocK on a Thursday morning.  It makes our  time together far more valuable and she really enjoys spending time with other  children her own age.'

 'We are very happy from the session.  My daughter loves it!!!'

 'Very good for children of all ages and babies!'

 'We really enjoy KidsRocK it is a friendly, lively group, well planned and great  fun.  Thanks.'

 'Always enjoyable - lots of fun for all ages!'

 'We have really enjoyed this class :)'

 'We are all nicely sat
 On our fish mat
 We sing and laugh but can not run
 But Chris makes sure we have lots of fun
 Best Wishes
 Love Dylan and Jean xxxxxx'



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