Music is the best fun start for your child's early education!


Our KidsRocK cd


is here!
Just spent a week in Minorca and thanks to the "kids rock cd" on continuous play in the hire car we had no tears or tantrums! It's well worth every penny. Rishi Issar

 £10 (plus £2 p+p)
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Recording Fun at Moose Studio, Bury

Some reviews of Rock - A - Doodle - Doo :
'A musical treat for the ears - I give it 5 big sparkly stars out of 5' - John Wheelbarrowman
'If these guys had been around 40 years ago, we surely would have recorded together' - Sir Paul Macacacartney
'Pretty much the best CD I've ever heard in my life' - Chris Morecroft 
'Pigs in Pants??!! Only a musical genius could produce a song like this' - Fi Platt