The best fun start to music for children! Want to hear our baby shark song, then come and join us!


~ my child doesn't like big groups

~ my child has additional needs

~ my child can't sit still for a 45 minute class

~ my child needs help with speech and language

~ my child is shy

~ my child needs to improve his/her social skills


This is not a problem, I can come to your house and for half an hour run
a 'tailor made' music class with your child. 

I will plan a programme, set aims and goals and give you
regular feedback on how your child is progressing. 

These sessions are sometimes best run one-to-one but you or
any carer/health worker/siblings can be present.  
***They are best run in a small room with not too many toys/distractions.***

Kim Harrison  
 "Ted really loves his sessions and we use the signs discovered by Chris every day. 
 Chris creates a world in which Ted can participate fully, this is special because in our world this is not  the case. These sessions are growing in importance for our little boy and he (and we) find them so  stimulating." 


 Please contact Chris Morecroft on  07855733308


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